Social Events
A Social function adds a charm to the event and also gives a feel of the local culture where the conference is being organized. The informal exchange of ideas and information at the social functions surrounding an event can be an important factor in its overall success. Whatever your budget is, we guarantee a successful, memorable and balanced programme.
Alpcord offers a variety of social programmes to choose from:
  • Royal Welcome – by Adorned elephant, Lancers on horse back, Camels and Fireworks.
  • Traditional Welcome – by arti, tikka, garlanding or showering of Rose petals.
  • Administration & Cultural aspects – like Registration, Master of ceremonies, Hostesses.
  • Gala Dinner with Theme parties.
  • Parties with Village theme, Goan theme, Rajasthan theme, village theme.
  • Cultural Programmes by Indian Dancers and Musicians.
  • Jugalbandi, Shehnai Vandan and many more.
  From 1526 to 1739 India was ruled by the Mughals. But Mughal Architecture reached its peak during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan who also built Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the world in Agra. This is an evening where we unfold for you a glorious chapter from our Mughal History in the form of a beautiful show.
  Hawaii is called the `Paradise of Pacific' because of its pleasant climate and scenic wonders.  When we think Hawaii, all that comes to mind is the warm sun, the cool waters lapping up at the shore, hula skirt girls and a lot of fun and enjoyment. The perfect ingredients for a Hawaiian theme party are sea, sun, sand and surf. But don't worry if your party venue is not near the sea, a colorful and memorable party is organized near the swimming pools that can even create the mood of Hawaii.
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Goa, the beach capital of India is a round the year tropical paradise. A Goan theme party is organized highlighting the Portuguese heritage of Goa with lots of food and fun thrown in. Join the revelry and end the evening with a sumptuous buffet dinner.

  The Punjabi Culture is reflected in its folk dances, folk songs, arts and crafts. Punjab deserves praise for its hospitality and assimilative power. A colorful environment is created with folk dancers dancing blissfully performing the famous Bhangra. The beats of “Dhol” spread a stream of excitement and joy amongst the guests. Dhabas (Punjabi restaurants) offer mouth watering and e famous delicacies of Punjab.
  A typical village setting is created with bamboo huts, benches & stalls. Villagers mingle with guests and display their traditional skills of doll making, paintings coupled with endless entertainment, traditional Folk dances and lots of local food.
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  The Indian dance is one of the oldest art that have been through a steady development for nearly two thousand years. The Indian classical dance has its origin in the temples where it was used to illustrate the Hindu mythologies. This art was performed in the temples by the Devadasis, ladies who dedicated themselves to God.
  This is a unique show which runs from 45 mins. to one hour and depicts India in its various moods, contrasts and traditions. Each sequence gives a different insight of our culture vis a vis rural and urban life in modern India. This show has three aspects Traditional costumes, Modern costumes & Brides of India.
  All over the world weddings usher in moments of gaiety and colour, solemnity and poignancy, but Indian weddings have a unique charm of its own which are at once baffling, intriguing and captivating to the outsider. Characterized by the full-scale participation of family-friends and community they are occasions for extended periods of festivity and fun whether in the large metropolis or in the smallest village.
  Step into a colorful and whimsical world, filled with imagination, fun and the sweet sound of music. Stroll down 12th Avenue and view a unique village made of fine porcelain. Imagine entering the Old World Spice shop, where spices from around the world are sold. There Perfect Purse is waiting for your visit to find just the right purse.
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