Our professional team assists and offer complete support in performing the preliminary study, pre bid formalities, preparation of bid documents, bid presentation and post bid formalities.

How can Alpcord assist you :
  • Prepare preliminary budget and assess feasibility
  • Assist in forming a steering committee.
  • Assist in securing necessary clearance in principle from Nodal ministries, Home affairs, External affairs, Ministry of Tourism.
  • Preparation of Bid document - Supporting Documents
    • List of Hotels
    • List of Stand and Convention facilities
    • Accessibility
    • City Information
    • List of relevant institutions/ associations.
  • Bid Presentation - Make an effective A/V presentation to substantiate bid - if required, set up a promotional booth.
  • Worldwide promotion and publicity of the event including production of promotional material.
  • Booking of accommodation and Meeting hall.
  • Accounts and Audit.

Marketing Development Assistance

As you are aware that Indian societies are entitled to bid for bringing the International conferences of the International Association to India by preparing the bid documents as per the manuals of the International Societies make power point presentations and travel to different countries for bidding. You also have to produce and distribute attractive brochures, gift souvenirs etc. to the international clients.

Now you don't have to bother for this at all. This assistance now onwards can be provided by Alpcord Network.

Under this Marketing development Assistance scheme the associations/ societies bidding for the international conferences shall be given financial support on winning the bid or for obtaining second or third position in the bidding process.

You can forward your bid through Alpcord Network Event & Conferences Management Company. Pvt. Ltd. to avail the financial support, this will be dispensed on the following categories:-

This process has been divided into two categories

Category I (500 and above delegates)

a) The winner of the bid will get rupees Four Lac fifty thousand only.
b) The bidder who remains on second or third position will get rupees One Lac fifty thousand only.

Category II (200 to 500 delegates)

a) The winner of the bid will get rupees Two Lac fifty thousand only.
b) The bidder who remains on second or third position will get rupees One Lac only.

If the winner brings a conference during off season that is between April 15th to September 15th he gets an additional assistance of Rupees One Lac and this would be limited to once in a year. 

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